Famousstar.de: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: May I add a star from famousstar.de to my homepage?

Answer: Yes, please do the following:
  1. right click on the star and click "save picture as"
  2. save the picture as famousstar.jpg
  3. upload it to your webserver
  4. add the following code to your homepage:
  5. Please replace "My+Name" with your name or whatever you want. A plus sign represents the space between two words.
  6. Please don't remove the link from this html code.
  7. Thanks!

Question: I can't upload a picture. What now?

Answer: Ok. If you don't have too many people visiting your site, you may include the following code:

by famousstar.de

Get your own star at Hollywood Blvd!

Question: How come I'm on this site?

Answer: This site is completely generated from the url. You are just as much on this site as anybody else, just play with the url. If this didn't convince you, just contact me, and I'll remove you... Sorry for the inconvenience.

Question: What's the point in this site?

Answer: None. I just found people like seeing their own star...

Question: Would you like a funny picture where you could add some dynamic text?

Answer: Yes! Please check that there are no copyright issues whith the picture and contact me.

Question: Do you want to exchange links?

Answer: Yes, if your site is not an adult site, funny and in English or German or Spanish language, I could add it to the links page. Please contact me.

Question: I've got an idea how to improve your site.

Answer: Please contact me.

Question: Your site doesn't work.

Answer: Please contact me.

Question: Who are you?

Answer: My Name is J. Meise. I like open source software, building nonsense homepages and hiking in nature.

Question: I don't like your site. What can I do?

Answer: Please turn your monitor upside-down and check if the site improves. If not, keep looking at it that way for 24 hours.

Question: Has anybody really asked these questions?

Answer: OK, I've made some up.

Question: Can't you stop writing bloody made up FAQ questions?

Answer: OK, OK. Got adicted to it... I'm suprised anybody read that far, though :)

Question: I've got another question

Answer: Guess what? Please contact me.